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AZALEA Anti Cellulite Cream 100ml

AZALEA Anti Cellulite Cream 100ml

  • The Anti-Cellulite Cream helps you to recover a slender silhouette. It will help you fight unwanted fat on the abdomen, thighs, hips and buttocks.

    This product has a double action: slimming and firming up, due to its two groups of active ingredients:
    1-It intensely stimulates the burning of fatty cells, reducing the visible signs of cellulite, thanks to the lipolytic highly dosed agent.

    2-It improves the blood circulation in the fatty areas causing the connective tissue to tighten and firm up the skin thanks to the special tonifying agents.


    For a better efficiency in slimming use once it or twice daily on the treated area with a light circular massage.

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