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Skin Shot Activator  75ml
  • Bielenda

Skin Shot Activator 75ml

  • Support your skin in the fight for a beautiful look and provide it with above-standard care. Bielenda Skin Shot Activator activation spray enhances the effect of the face mask applied later, so that your beauty treatments will gain a new dimension.


    • improves the effect of the later applied face mask
    • promotes better absorption of active substances through the skin
    • softens, refreshes & soothes skin
    • regenerates & nurtures skin


    • hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycates – improve the absorption of active substances
    • hyaluronic acid – keeps skin long-term hydrated
    • lactosionic acid – has a mild exfoliating effect, prepares the skin for better absorption of active Ingredients.

    From a distance of about 30 cm, spray your face with the activator, keep your eyes and mouth closed during application, and hold your breath for a while. Gently lubricate the mist on the face and wait for it to absorb. Do not wash off. On prepared skin apply a mask, preferably from the Bielenda skin shot series, or any other product.


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